This website is to help novice programmers, like myself, have a source of tested code, resources, tools and other areas that help learning and utilizing Android programming for audio. I found myself wasting time on code that didn’t work or was outdated and no longer valid. I wanted to have a central repository for all my tested code snippets or base apps, useful tools, utilities and more.

The website will also hopefully show people interested in programming for audio that they don’t need to be scared of it. With time and effort almost anyone can get apps up and running. Tools, code and education are all within most peoples reach and ability.

This website also includes my interest in HTML5 audio and streaming audio servers like Icecast and Shoutcast as these can play a part in Android audio.

I’ll post as I learn and hopefully can help others in the process. If you have code or info you would like to share, corrections or helpful info to add to posted content please use the contact link.

Paul S.