Android audio buffering issues with 32k ACC Icecast server

I did a project for a radio station and we switched to an Icecast 32k streaming audio server instead of Shoutcast 1 server. At first I thought that it broke the app but while testing I left the play button on and the signal kicked in at about 50 seconds. After much testings and research I came to learn that Android audio has an issue with ACC encoding at 32k. ACC takes longer in general to load the audio. About 3-5 seconds in average. I did my testing in native Android. The solution was to switch to a Shoutcast 1 server at 64k. All encodings were tested and the audio picked right up for Shoutcast 1 servers. ACC 32 is always an issue with any code that I tried. HTML5 was the best with the signal appearing to start almost instantly. I didn’t use this for web and mobile as some mobile browsers do not work with HTML5 and a Shoutcast 1 server.

Why does it take so long for Android’s MediaPlayer to prepare some live streams for playback?
 Issue with MediaPlayer buffering time when streaming audio
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