App: Audio Play, Pause and Reset with SeekBar and Code readout on screen

Great code from Nazmul Idris for an App that has 3 buttons: Play, Pause and Reset. There is also a scrubber above the buttons that can be used to seek any position in the audio file.

The code is displayed on the screen of the app as the buttons are pressed. So this a great starter app for learning or a using as a base code to build out your own app.

It runs fine in Android Studio. There will just be some updates when you first open the file and it will then download required file updates. Then just a warning about the version number that you can remove by removing the Android version number from the build.gradle module.

The code is in Github so very easy to import into Android Studio if you hook your Github account to the software.

This file can help teach MediaPlayer functions as well as the SeekBar class.

LINK: Build a simple audio app in Android.

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