Install Shoutcast server and Shoutcast 1 breakage info

Here are some install guides for Shoutcast servers. There are 2 flavors of Shoutcast. The original Shoutcast 1. This is a bulletproof server… BUT… HTML5 audio players have issues with some mobile browsers. Google and others have found something about an HTTP server request to be unsafe. There was a CHROME web browser release that actually turned off and broke Shoutcast 1 servers in web HTML5 audio players but Google had a change of heart and allowed Shoutcast  1 servers to work in a web browser. But the issue still remains for streaming Shoutcast 1 servers to HTML5 audio web players.

For Shoutcast 1 install I use a VPS with Centos OS and Centos Web Panel. This has a plugin that installs Shoutcast 1 servers with 1 click.

Below are some guides and videos for command line installation mostly of Shoutcast 2 servers.

Shoutcast 1 and 2 servers have much faster pickup in the world of Android programming. Media Player has almost instant pickup in all of the code I’ve tested. Icecast servers tend to take 2-50 seconds depending on the type of encoding and bitrate of the stream. See my article on ACC 32k issues with Android programming.

LINK: Installing SHOUTCast 2 Radio Server
LINK: How to setup a Shoutcast server on Ubuntu
LINK: How to Install A SHOUTcast DNAS Server on Linux
LINK: How to Setup a Shoutcast Radio VPS on Ubuntu







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