Installing a Shoutcast Server

A Shoutcast server will give a quicker pickup on the Audio stream for audio streaming with Android programming.

See my article on 32k ACC Icecast streams.

I’ve tried, and had success with the following articles on installing a Shoutcast server. Remember that Shoutcast 1 servers will not play nice with HTML5 audio and mobile browsers.

Myself I use Shoutcast 1 servers on Centos. I run the Centos Web Panel that has a utility to install Shoutcast 1 servers with one click. I only use this for live broadcast audio for FM broadcast. I use a Shoutcast 2 server to encode from an Icecast server in order to serve out an audio signal with very little buffering for an Android app.

LINK: Installing SHOUTCast Radio Server (Online Media Streaming) on Linux
LINK: How To Setup a Shoutcast Server on Ubuntu
LINK: How to Install A SHOUTcast DNAS Server on Linux


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